Ask Sabo the Revolutinary
We live for freedom, we live for peace, we live for a world where everyone can live without fear. We are the Revolutionary army and we fight for change.

Good day fellow revolutionist, I'm Sabo, Revolutionary Army's Chief of Staff. I can spare some time to answer any questions, but there are some I can't exactly answer since they could be top secret. Don't want the government to catch wind of our top secret mission now do we. *wink*
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ASL Brothers.
The Revolutionary Army

AceLu/D Brothers Week / Day 4 / Caught/Illegal


I think Sabo doesn’t know how Luffy got the scar, but  somehow looking at it pains him. His little brother has been gone through a lot, he knows it. But the crybaby little brother has grown up to be a strong boy. He has nothing to worry anymore.

First part