Ask Sabo the Revolutinary
We live for freedom, we live for peace, we live for a world where everyone can live without fear. We are the Revolutionary army and we fight for change.

Good day fellow revolutionist, I'm Sabo, Revolutionary Army's Chief of Staff. I can spare some time to answer any questions, but there are some I can't exactly answer since they could be top secret. Don't want the government to catch wind of our top secret mission now do we. *wink*
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So here goes my first attempt translating from Korean! For Krizzia 



i swear this is the same style i swear

One Piece Favorites: Ace gets nervous in front of Makino


Sabo & Koala 

Love their relationship :3

i can’t draw curly hair help

still waiting on computer /sigh/ also school started so either this blog is gonna get super busy or pretty much dead (As if it wasn’t now… thank the queue)

Also gonna see if my tablet will work on my moms computer so I can at least answer SOME ASKS HNGGGGGGG


Sabo print I finished at Animinneapolis today. I’ll have prints of it ready to sell tomorrow. Woo!